Solutions for Resellers

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CapitanHostino pays particular attention to WebMaster, WebAgency and IT operators providing flexible and customized solutions.

You can tell us your requests contacting us via telephone at +39 079 2858672 or via email to the address
We will do our best to listen and meet your technical and commercial needs.
We also have 2 ready-made solutions for those who manage many domains and hosting, in order to make work easier and reduce costs. Depending on your needs, you can become a Premium client or a Reseller

Premium Clients
They have a medium amount of domains and/or hostings (from 10 upwards). They benefit from a customized price list of domains and hosting. They use user credit to pay for their purchases and renewals.
To learn more about how to became a Premium Clients, please ask for the informative document

Reseller Clients
They have a large amount of domains and hosting. They have their own dedicated server infrastructure for managing their hosting, based on their needs. They have a series of customizations on the sales platform (products, email templates, system management of their servers etc ...). They pay for the domains with a personalized price list and a fee for their servers integrated into
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